Tips For Buying A Vehicle At The Car Auction

If you need a new car but either can’t secure financing or prefer to pay with cash, you may be considering buying your next vehicle at an auction. While you may be able to get a good deal at an auction, you have to be careful. Follow these four tips for a better chance at getting the best value for your money at car auctions.

1. If you aren’t a mechanic, bring one with you to the auction.Additional information can be found at http://alberthiles.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/purchasing-a-second-hand-vehicles-at-used-automobile-public-auction/. You will be buying the car as-is, you if you can’t fix it, you can’t drive it.

2. Don’t assume the cars are in good condition just because they look good. The dealers at public auctions paint and polish the cars before they are viewed by the attendees.

3. Don’t assume that cars are in bad condition just because they don’t look good. Government auction cars don’t get the paint and polish treatment that public auction cars receive. Fortunately, used police cars or other government vehicles may only need a new paint job and a tune up.

4. Don’t bid without knowing the value of a vehicle. Use your smartphone to check the values of cars you are interested in from the auction floor.

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How To Squeeze More MPGs Out Of Your Car

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important topics regarding today’s expensive gas prices. Here are a few proven ways to squeeze more gas mileage out of your car.

Easy Does It
Have you ever seen a car rapidly accelerate from a stoplight to only be halted by the next stoplight? If so, then you will understand the inefficiency of that driving tactic. Drivers should lightly press the gas pedal down just enough to move with the flow of traffic. Stomping on the accelerator will cause your gas mileage to drop dramatically.

Avoid Excessive Highway Speeds
Gas mileage begins to substantially decrease at speeds over 55 miles-per-hour. If possible, try to stay as close to 55 mph as possible. Wind resistance causes the engine to work much harder to maintain a consistent speed.

Cruise to a Stop
When approaching a stoplight or stop sign, drivers should always release the gas pedal to allow the vehicle to roll under its own momentum. Remember, idling waste a lot of fuel during city driving. Keep your eyes on the stoplight so that you can decide when to release pressure off the accelerator.

A properly maintained vehicle will help to keep your fuel consumption down.

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Popular Mudding Events That You Never Knew About

Every year crowds of people gather at places to show off their vehicles in many fashions. Playing in the mud is just one way families get together and fight for bragging rights about everything from their engines to the amount of agonizing time they have in their trucks! At Bricks 4×4 Farm in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, thousands of people gather between the months of March and October to get dirty, stuck in the mud, break their trucks, and laugh about it. This 4×4 farm has been around for many years, although a lot of people don’t know about it.
Many competitions are held at this muddy place in Missouri, and some of them have outstanding payouts for even the smallest of trucks http://www.carinsurance-deals.com. It’s not about the size it’s about how you use what you got! The owners of the land keep this place deep with mud, and they get just as excited as the people that are going for the competitions, the monster trucks, and all of the spectators as well. This is a family friendly place to go if you like loud 4×4 trucks roaring up their engines, and sinking their tires to compete for thousands of dollars every year.

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The Top Three Midsized Sport Sedans Under 30,000

It does not cost a million dollars to enjoy the thrilling driving dynamics of a sports sedan. Here are the top three sports sedans that cost less than $30,000 bucks.

Camry SE
Once again, the 2013 Toyota Camry SE V6 is back to deliver the fun. With a monstrous engine under the hood, the Camry offers an exciting alternative to a sports car. To attest to the powerful V6’s performance potential, the exotic Lotus Evora uses the same 3.5-liter engine. The sporty sedan also has a tuned-suspension that turns the handling up a notch.

Avenger SE
The 2013 Dodge Avenger SE is the dark horse of the group. The spirited 3.6-liter, V6 engine churns out a potent 383 horsepower. The six-speed automatic gearbox ensures precise shifts throughout the entire power-band. To add to the car’s impressive value, it boasts almost 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway. Driving enthusiasts will love the way that it handles around corners.

Optima SX
The 2013 Kia Optima SX is a force to be reckoned with. It has a beastly performance to match its sporty exterior flair. The turbocharged engine pounds out 274 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. Amazingly, the fun sedan still gets 34 miles-per-gallon on the highway.

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Basics On Drag Racing For The Very First Time

Drag racing is an exciting event that allows car enthusiasts to get their competitive juices flowing. Instead of racing around a road course, a drag race is strictly a straight-line competition. Drag racing offers a huge advantage over illegal street racing. Not only do the drivers get to race in a safe environment, they also do not have to worry about the potential to get arrested.

Although some dragsters invest thousands of dollars into modifying their rides, it is also totally feasible to race a stock vehicle. Many of the drag strips have days called “test and tune”. On these days, drivers can make practice runs down the track to hone their skills. Newbie drivers should watch the veterans make a few runs before attempting to blast down the strip.

On race day, drivers need to have all the essentials ready. Remember to get a certified helmet. Many race tracks have specific days that allow amateur drivers to openly compete. The drivers pay a set fee at the gate. Each track will specify the rules to the competitors. Although some drivers race solo, other competitors may race with a passenger aboard. Whether you win or lose, drag racing offers a time to mingle and meet some new friends.

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How To Avoid A Lemon When Buying Used Vehicle

No car owner would knowingly buy a piece of crap. Here are a few tips to insure that you do not make the costly mistake of purchasing a lemon vehicle.

When it comes to buying a used vehicle, a certified mechanic is indispensable. Every potential buyer should bring along a mechanic to thoroughly inspect each ride. The relatively small fee that they will charge is definitely worth every penny. If the seller refuses to allow the mechanic to inspect their car, then you should promptly walk away,

Even if a vehicle is deemed to be in pristine condition, there may be hidden secrets that lay beneath the surface. A CARFAX printout is a valuable document that details the history of a car. Without a CARFAX sheet, a buyer will not know if the car was in a flood or involved in an accident.

Code Reader
A check engine light means something is wrong. Every car manufactured in 1996 or later is equipped with an OBD2 computer system. This allows the car’s computer to store diagnostic codes. These codes can be easily accessed by plugging a code reader into a small port underneath the dash. Every car owner should invest in a code reader.
The hits keep comin’: Low Cost INNOVA 3160B ABS/SRS+ Professional CanOBDII Diagnostic Code Scanner with Enhanced Live Data Price

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The Five Best Sleeper Cars On The Market

A sleeper car will undoubtedly leave the competitors in a state of shock. Here is a list of the top five cars that can be classified as a sleeper.

The Volvo S60 T6 R-Design is a beauty that has the driving characteristics of a beast. With 325 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque under the hood, the potent Volvo races to sixty miles-per-hour in just 5.2 seconds. Just make sure you have http://carinsurance-deals.com/ before you get behind the wheel of this monster.

The Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec is a force to be reckoned with on the street. Not only is the engine tweaked to produce 429 horsepower, it also is bestowed with an agile suspension setup.Get more information here. http://www.ridelust.com/10-deceivingly-quick-cars/ Do not mistake it for just an ordinary sedan.

The Hyundai Sonata 2.0T boasts a chiseled powerplant under the hood. The turbocharged engine helps the sleek sedan to yield impressive acceleration statistics. The best part is that it still gets over 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is a SUV with a racy profile. The big Hemi engine guarantees to get the driver into victory lane. The SRT8 version also packs a slew of innovative equipment.

The Honda Accord V6 Sedan is a true sleeper. Not many people would expect so much force from a ordinary family hauler.

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